Different Fountains – Transparent Flag [DFE 013]

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Different Fountains return with their 2nd full length Album after their debut LP ‘Shrimp that Sleeps’ released in 2014 in collaboration with meakusma. The 10 tracks on ‘Transparent Flag’ are a diverse collection of music traversing genres and moods with great ease. After a captivating string of 12” releases on their ‘Organism’ series, Transparent Flag takes off where Shrimp that Sleeps left us 5 years ago. The opening track (Jobs Job) starts with a warm pulsating string melody that fades into a polyrhythmic staccato (Vein Satori) of otherworldly plug and bell timbres followed  by a more uptempo track (Gammon) that continues to surprise throughout it’s 6 minutes playtime. A frenetic bass pattern winding itself around continuous snare hits gets subdued in a mystic pad slowly emerging from the depth of the bass sounds. It’s more ambient tracks connect seamlessly with head spinning rhythm excursions flowing into a slow pounding dance floor piece (Arson). The delightful elegance of each song and the interplay of precision and bewildering chaos makes Transparent Flag a joyful listening Album that carries you along on an eclectic and colourful trip from the first to the last minute. It’s a certain continuation of their efforts on creating a multilayered universe of music as heard on their first Album but with a skill set and inventiveness beyond what we’ve heard before.

Label: Different Fountains – DFE 013


Belgium, 11 Mar 2019


Style: Ambient, Experimental, IDM, House, Leftfield