GIRL BAND – The Talkies [RT 0065LPE]

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In many ways “Prolix”, the opening track of Irish punks Girl Band’s sophomore album – is their most symbolic track to date. Not much happens, just a long, whirring, abstract refrain. And that’s precisely the point. For almost two-minutes the album isn’t doing nothing, but it is lying dormant, waiting to explode back into life. And explode it does, with “Going Norway” setting the bar high in terms of visceral, uncompromising and unforgiving music. Workouts like “Salmon Of Knowledge” recall wall of sound wormholes Liars taking us down in their most guitar heavy periods, with “Laggard” serving to accentuate the fact that these guys really do like to experiment. Scuzzy guitars growing from what sounds like an alarm into something far more immersive, before white noise is cut and we’re left with gritty vocals and staccato drums, for a little while at least. Powerful stuff indeed.

Label:  Rough Trade

Cat: RT 0065LPE

Format: limited gatefold blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code


27 Sep 19

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