Justin Zerbst – From City Lights EP [MET032]

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Pure emotion carried by cosmic soul in the guise of underground melodic techno is what Justin Zerbst offers us with his first release on Metamorphic. Justin might be considered up and coming despite having released his first record on the highly regarded Australian label Red Ember in the 90s. Since then the Melbourne based producer has released only a handful but extremely sought after records on Eklo, Seekers, and Red Ember. Now his music, deeply influenced by Detroit and especially Midwest techno finds a natural home on Metamorphic. Four tracks of pure analog machine soul, created in the 90 s but never released until now, capturing the raw energy and excitement of that era. Robert Feuchtel at Fat of Excellence Production Services Cologne, bridges the divide between now and then with his unparalleled mastering skills.

Label: Metamorphic Recordings



05 Oct 17

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