Laurel Halo – Quarantine [HDBLP014]

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After making sizable impressions with her initial EPs and King Felix side project, Laurel Halo’s move to Hyperdub sees a stark debut album that positions her as a strong and unique voice among leftfield electronic producers. The most notable progression is in Halo’s vocals, crystal clear in the mix while all around her ducks fervently from clarity. There’s an incredible wall of sound feeling to the music she crafts, as bold layers of synths and treated samples blur into one another with a fuzzed-out psychedelia that whirls incessantly around in wistful fractals of melody. Through all of this, there’s no forgetting who is behind the music as her powerful vocal delivery pins the wayward music down.

Label: Hyperdub

Cat: HDBLP014


19 MAY 12


Style: Abstract, experimental, leftfield

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