Mulatu ASTATKE / BLACK JESUS EXPERIENCE – To Know Without Knowing [AR 135VL]

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Mulatu Astatke is a legendary musician who is famous for his signature playing on the vibraphone. Here he blends his Ethio-jazz sounds with the Melbourne-based group Black Jesus Experience to serve up a mix of re-interpreted African folk songs and odes to his homeland. ‘To Know Without Knowing’ has a decidedly hip hop edge thanks to the vocal flow and ‘Mascaram Setaba’ is an Ethio classic. Another highlight is ‘Living On Stolen Land’ which is dedicated to the First Nations people of Australia and acknowledges the pain and injustice of them not being recognised as the traditional owners of Australia.

Label: Agogo

Format: LP + MP3 download code

Cat: AR 135VL

Released: 03 Jul 20

Genre: International

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