Surf me up, Scotty! – POP-CULTURAL STUDIES IN “A” MINOR [Backwash003]

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From the jungles of Mexico to the desert of a spaghetti western and back to a funeral in New Orleans after a thrilling car chase, from heart-wrenching melodrama to the conquest of outer space, never has an album of surf instrumentals tackled such a diverse and complex set of themes. Surf me up, Scotty!prove that they are well at home in each of those radically different moods. On this hi-fi record, they are embarking on a pop-cultural journey so unique that it will make you forget that this four-piece hails, indeed, from Luxembourg, Europe – a long way from the beach! Like scientists on the verge of discovering and interpreting a long lost ancient rite, they dissect all these themes of today’s pop culture and render it in their very own surfrock style. So make that needle of the record player hop onto the vinyl, kick back in your chair with Mai-Tai cocktail in your hand, close your eyes and let Surf me up, Scotty! take you on a journey through time and space…a journey you won’t forget too soon!

Label : Backwash Records

Cat.No.: Backwash003

Genre : Instrumental Surf Music, Surf Rock

October 2018

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