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Created for a film about a skier making the first descent of Alaska’s highest mountain, ‘Music For Denali’ affords an ideal canvas for Ciani to explore her talents as a pianist alongside her natural gift for evocative electronic scene-scaping. It fatefully frames an artist emerging into the world of composing sound for cinema, and with it captures a precious sense of wide-eyed innocence and confidence in her abilities, with results that no doubt take us to some subarctic peak with a little imagination on your part.

Carving from widescreen optimism to airborne pastoral flights in seven succinct cues and themes, it’s perhaps the more abstract, spacious works full of windswept enigma and sparing piano such as ‘Mount McKinlay’, the trembling intimacy of ‘Koyukuk’, and the ice palace grandeur of the album’s magnificent peak ‘Analogue Mountain’ that best display Ciani’s masterful, painterly grasp of noise sculpture and ability to conjure natural world vistas.

Basically everyone from Buchla fans to lovers of spirited ‘70s synth soundtracks, earliest new age and the eternal promise of kosmiche might buzz off this one, and it might even give a refreshed new perspective on the Grammy nominated and million selling artist’s whole oeuvre – heck it’s as good as place as any to dive in if you’re new in the water.

Label: Finders Keepers

Cat: FKR106

Format: LP

06 August 2020


Style: Ambient, Experimental, Abstract, drone

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